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The conscious thoughts of the bodies on this planet oversee the energy of this solar system

“If we all had the quality of our lives as our first priority, the earth would not need to make the changes that it is making in the present, such as clearing the planet of people by earthquakes etc. The earth is a living organism and it is about to assert itself and free itself of people who do not love themselves. They judge themselves and everything, therefore they do not respect earth.” – Annette Noontil.

I find this quote (taken from The Body is the Barometer of the Soul) to hold a lot of truth. It is evident to me that our planet is in  desperate need of healing.

Many choices are made aligned with the ego (or the devil or fear or whatever you would like to name it): blame, guilt, anger, vengeance, shame. And the majority of the time, the perpetrator isn’t aware of the origin of their behavior. For example one may think that stopping a loved one from doing something they don’t agree with is love, but a lot of the time it is actually fear of the consequences (of losing them etc. ). Some do not see the selfishness of vengeance and blame and guilt. Yet they see loving yourself as selfish when in reality, you cannot love others until you love yourself. You cannot help others until you help yourself.

Addiction is a big part of the ego. We spend so much time and money and energy fulfilling ourselves with the physical world, yet few of us are aware that you will never be satisfied.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, tv, comfort food, relationships; these are just a few things we use and abuse. Even as I am writing this I am chomping away at a block of chocolate way past the point where my body has gotten all that it needs from it. I am now abusing myself because I am addicted to this substance that I believe will add more enjoyment to me. But it never does.

This is the ego. It tricks you into thinking that it will provide you with everything you ever wanted and needed but somehow you never reach the point of complete satisfaction. It keeps you on your toes, gnawing for more and more.

However, if we turn inwards into our divine selves, our soul, we start to realize that we are filled with love, light, peace and joy. It is an abundant, never ending supply. This is because it is sourced from the spirit (or God, if that rolls with you better). My friends, you will surely find satisfaction here.

This place is difficult to find and keep. As they say, it is a narrow road and few may enter. However, seek and you shall find.

I believe whole heartedly that addiction can be cured. I know that it can, if you are willing to let go of the ego. I know people who were alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and have been released from their prison (which, may I add, is all mental).

So if we are to heal the world, we must heal ourselves first. Love ourselves first. Help ourselves first.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we made enough room on that narrow road so that everyone could walk down it together?

Please Pray for Me

IMG_6157After spending the last year fumbling around with my life and not moving forward, I have finally achieved some sort of direction for the new year. Nonetheless, I have learnt many valuable things on my journey this year; about myself, and the world we live in, the lives we live. I have made some profound self-discoveries and personal developments equipping me to live a fulfilled life. I have no doubt that this will continue through my many years to come.

Even though I have not achieved anything in the material sense this year – the lessons that I have learnt, the things that I have been awakened to, the experiences I have had, the people I have met, and the moments I have shared, have been invaluable.

The biggest lesson I have learnt is to always stay true to yourself. Trust in your intuition and you will have a fulfilling life. This has got me so many times because my head is telling me that logically, I am crazy when I want to follow my heart. I had to learn how to let go and let God.

I have a lot of people looking at my decision-making and wondering why I would choose the path I choose. If it is not for you – good – that’s because the path is true for me and now you. If you find yourself wanting to be on the same path – what are you waiting for? Why stay where you are when you could be out there following your dreams?

This is what all of the movies teach us. There is no time like the present. Go out and follow your dreams. Or even things like – don’t let your love of your life go just because life is getting in the way. Love is greater than that. We get all hyped up on this message but it is short-lived.

Why do so few people follow their dreams? Because they are imprisoned by fear. If we come to the realisation that we have nothing to fear in life – that we are only spiritual beings here for a human experience – that is when we are free. What kind of experience is it when we do what others expect of us? If we constantly struggle to be our true selves and go on an adventure. Whatever it may be that resonates with you. Do not fear – it is your worse enemy.

A person will only change when they recognise that the pain and discomfort of change is less than the pain and discomfort of their current situation.

My biggest struggle this year has been between my head and my heart. My head has been conditioned with a whole rainbow of perceptions, beliefs, and judgements. I found that if I unlearn these, I will find the truth within me. I have just been blinded from it. This is such a beautiful thing to discover.

My heart is aligned with the truth. It cannot be wavered by other’s advice and opinions and expectations of how I should govern myself. Not even my own. It knows exactly where I am going, exactly how to follow my dreams. All I need to trust in it and enjoy the journey. It has taken me almost a whole year for this lesson to manifest deep within me and now I am finally putting it into practice.

I have had older persons give me advice based on their experience and expect me to take it all and follow it. I have told them that there are some things that I need to learn the hard way. What is life without challenges? So far I have gone through seemingly unscathed. For me, there is a line to be drawn where I do things perfectly for the first time. Too many times I learnt from other’s mistakes. How am I supposed to grow if I do not make my own? I find it hard to get across to people that my life is about my human experience, not theirs.

The more I am true to myself – the closer I come to the spirit and the more I know that what I am doing is the right thing to do. Not based on tangible things or justifiable reasons. These things do not need to be proven by sight, hearing, feeling, taste, and touch. I do not need to map out a logical argument to know that it is the path that I should take. I know that if it is aligned with my heart – I do not need to justify my choices. They are mine and they make sense to me.

Please pray for me.

META Health

It’s not about returning to how it was, it’s about creating your life to be greater” – Adam Oldmeadow

For the last two days I have been hidden in a cave – a dark, warm, loving room with a very welcoming and open-hearted atmosphere; sharing knowledge and inspiration with the most amazing people. Formally known as a MetaHealth Introductory course.

I must say out of all the courses I have done in the past year – this one resonated with me the most. Everything that came up really struck a chord with me – whether it be my beliefs, past experience, or how I can apply the knowledge practically. And besides the wonderful content – it is the people and the atmosphere that made it.

Experiences are very hard to recreate in words – giving aural, visual, tactile imagery can not accurately reproduce the moment. However – I will try my best to set the scene for you.

Imagine stepping into a different world at the start of your day – a different dimension maybe. The rigid social structures of our society do not exist, there is no judgement of any of God’s children, everyone is equal and although they may not nessecarily know each other, they have a deep connection.

Compassion and love are very prominent in this environment – expressed by the heart and opening perceived and received by people within the field. Many connections are formed at a deeper level – resulting in understanding on more levels than the more obvious or superficial. It’s similar to having realisations or epiphanies or sudden understanding and wisdom of a situation – but more frequent. It was like not only my mind and emotions were satisfied – but my soul too. And although my body wasn’t focused on as much, it suited my situation because I have glandular fever and cannot take on anything too strenuous anyway.

At the end of this day – you open the curtains, open the door, step out of the cave and realise that there is a physical world out there. A world that has continued on living despite the revelations that are occurring in your head. A world full of beauty and you become grateful of this. You step outside and the gentle breeze whispers in your ear, the sun kisses your cheek. You start to mobilise your limbs and bring yourself back to the physical world where you can bring all of your revelations into action.

This is the world that I have entered the last two days. Learning the holistic perspective on health and illness, incorporating mind, body, spirit, social and environmental levels of disease. How traumatic moments in our lives can manifest themselves in our mind, body, and spirit and store as energy on all levels creating illness. How amazing our body is that we have all of these natural processes to help up thrive and survive, that when our survival is threatened we make physiological changes in order to be able to deal with the situation better the next time. I learnt how important our heart is in perceiving and receiving information – even before it has come to our conscious awareness.

Most of all I learnt that we will not change until we believe that the pain and discomfort of change is less than the pain and discomfort in our current situation.

I would to thank my Meta-Heath coach Adam Oldmeadow for creating such an inspirational, electric, and caring environment to learn in, and for helping me to understand health in a greater way.