The conscious thoughts of the bodies on this planet oversee the energy of this solar system

“If we all had the quality of our lives as our first priority, the earth would not need to make the changes that it is making in the present, such as clearing the planet of people by earthquakes etc. The earth is a living organism and it is about to assert itself and free itself of people who do not love themselves. They judge themselves and everything, therefore they do not respect earth.” – Annette Noontil.

I find this quote (taken from The Body is the Barometer of the Soul) to hold a lot of truth. It is evident to me that our planet is in  desperate need of healing.

Many choices are made aligned with the ego (or the devil or fear or whatever you would like to name it): blame, guilt, anger, vengeance, shame. And the majority of the time, the perpetrator isn’t aware of the origin of their behavior. For example one may think that stopping a loved one from doing something they don’t agree with is love, but a lot of the time it is actually fear of the consequences (of losing them etc. ). Some do not see the selfishness of vengeance and blame and guilt. Yet they see loving yourself as selfish when in reality, you cannot love others until you love yourself. You cannot help others until you help yourself.

Addiction is a big part of the ego. We spend so much time and money and energy fulfilling ourselves with the physical world, yet few of us are aware that you will never be satisfied.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, tv, comfort food, relationships; these are just a few things we use and abuse. Even as I am writing this I am chomping away at a block of chocolate way past the point where my body has gotten all that it needs from it. I am now abusing myself because I am addicted to this substance that I believe will add more enjoyment to me. But it never does.

This is the ego. It tricks you into thinking that it will provide you with everything you ever wanted and needed but somehow you never reach the point of complete satisfaction. It keeps you on your toes, gnawing for more and more.

However, if we turn inwards into our divine selves, our soul, we start to realize that we are filled with love, light, peace and joy. It is an abundant, never ending supply. This is because it is sourced from the spirit (or God, if that rolls with you better). My friends, you will surely find satisfaction here.

This place is difficult to find and keep. As they say, it is a narrow road and few may enter. However, seek and you shall find.

I believe whole heartedly that addiction can be cured. I know that it can, if you are willing to let go of the ego. I know people who were alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and have been released from their prison (which, may I add, is all mental).

So if we are to heal the world, we must heal ourselves first. Love ourselves first. Help ourselves first.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we made enough room on that narrow road so that everyone could walk down it together?

10 thoughts on “The conscious thoughts of the bodies on this planet oversee the energy of this solar system

      1. love is a division for a divided mind. “love” is one of the thoughts that only exist as an illusion. you are doing the devil’s work by spreading that kind of propaganda.

  1. I rebuke this statement. Our mind is in a constant spiritual battle, we have a choice between good and evil. Since we are all born sinners, we all chase after our own evil selfish desires.

    I don’t know where you get your definitions, however, I will keep it simple: God is love. And the word says in 1 Corinthians 13:13 There are three things that will endure; faith, hope, and love-and the greatest of these is love. God was here long before you, and He will be here long after you.

    This young lady speaks the truth. John 8:32-If ye shall know the truth, the truth shall set you free. You are simply a human being as we are, trying to paint a picture that you are wiser than the all mighty. I mean come on, you are attempting to sway innocent people into believing that you are wiser than the WORD, your creator. The words and ideas that you pen are simply the ideas that you have picked up from others.

    That is nothing but ego, that is pure arrogance, and that is absolutely the work of the devil. Proverbs 11:2 says; Pride leads to disgrace while humility brings wisdom. The Bible was inspired by God, not man. It’s obvious that you have picked up a few books yourself.

    In a nutshell, when you think you know more or your wisdom is deeper than that of the One True Living God, your are representing the devil himself. Thank you and God bless you.

    1. i am above god, for “god” is a symbol; a graven image, and i am alive. gods are to be slain if man is to be free. i say this not of arrogance, but of pure humility. it is the nameless infinite reality, or chaos, that is the host of hosts, and teacher of teachers. “the word” is the tool of the “devil”. that which rejects “god” if i were to put it into christian language. words, are graven images. when you make a symbol for god, as you have done, you’ve been divided from him. to be without ego, is to be part of the all, or “god” if that is your definition. what separates men from that but symbols (magic)?

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