Chinese Symbol Image conflictChinese Symbol Image conflict

Two worlds.

Two very different worlds.

One – where I once was

One – where I would like to be.

The ashamedness I experienced


– why?

for this is only being ashamed of who i aspire to be.

Is it real?


No I believe it’s a lie.


Why should I be forced to think, feel and act in this manner?

This – I cannot answer


But something stops me.

Something holds me back.

Some sort of –

Some sort of attachment.




Yes love, that’s it

But is that all?

Sorrow? Sympathy?


The power of choice overwhelms me.

Now it is up to me

My beliefs

What I have grown to know.


Which path is right?

To go against all that I have been shown?

To place faith in my colours?


©Copyright 2013 Rainbowsprout

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