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Life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens THROUGH you

“Life is not controlled by genes, it is controlled by perception” – Bruce Lipton.

How many illnesses and dis-eases are caused today as a result of misconception? What would it take to recognise that your beliefs are not YOU, but that you are making them part of your identity as a result of misconception.
How many people have victimised themselves? Felt sorry for themselves? Everyday people talk about their problems and not taking responsibility for their choices, they are disempowering themselves. They are letting their negativity manifest in their body and mind and create this dis-ease.

Let me tell you a story from my own experience, of how dis-ease in my mind manifested in my body, creating a physical disease.

It started at the end of 2013, about 6 months ago now. I was standing at home in the kitchen in front of the bench, my mum was sitting on the opposite side facing me as I spread butter and honey on my bread (my favourite snack at the time) and stuffed it into my mouth.  We were having a conversation that I did not want to have, but because of her worry (oh, how mothers worry) she was forcing it upon me. It was a very sensitive topic for me, one that opened me up and made me completely and utterly vulnerable. That day, that’s exactly what was happening. I was opened up and vulnerable. It was like my chest  and abdomen had a large vertical incision in it, and my skin was peeled back to reveal my insides. There was nothing there to protect me at all, it was raw and painful.

While my insides were exposed, my skin pulled back, feeling vulnerable as ever, mum said something that completely shocked me.

“He’s got a daughter you know, and an ex wife, and he’s GOT to be at least forty years old”

Wow, her words hit me like paralysing waves of energy. I suddenly could not move. Well, for the sake of acting as if none of this information concerned me (because I didn’t want to be wrong), I moved. But, inside, I was frozen up. It’s like the fight or flight response they teach you at school, where you perceive a threat so your heart rate and blood pressure increases, you start sweating, your adrenal gland excretes adrenaline, glucose starts seeping into your veins, your pupils dilate. I was completely frozen, in shock, I had no idea what to do. I felt my stomach, now full of my toast, turn over uncomfortably. All I knew was that I needed to get out of there.

“I’ll think about it” I told her. Suddenly engulfed with fear, I walked out.

A few weeks later, I started to notice an unusual amount of pimples arising on my face. I had had pimples as a teenager, but never this bad, and hardly more than one or two for years. But now they were coming in clusters, bright red. I noticed other changes in my body, too. I couldn’t digest things very well at all, it was like I wasn’t absorbing the nutrients properly because I was constantly out of energy. I had Glandular Fever a few months before, but this exhaustion was different. Before I had lots of energy I could access, but my body was way too run down to use it. This time, my body was recovered and able to use the energy, but there was none there. I wondered what was wrong, so I went to my doctor.

She ordered a blood test and month later, after a gastroscopy and biopsy, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Wow, what a coincidence, I thought. What was I eating when I experienced that shock a few months earlier? Yep, bread, wheat. What was coeliac disease? An autoimmune disease when your body perceives gluten (a substance in WHEAT, barely, oats, and something else I can’t remember) as a pathogen (e.g, something that is trying to attack it).

I wasn’t quite so sure that that was a coincidence.

I slowly started to realise that through misconception (because later I found out that the information from my mother wasn’t actually attacking me, it was my mind that made thought it was), I had perceived the shock as an attack against me when I was too vulnerable to protect myself. My body had associated gluten with the experience, because it was in my stomach at the time, and thus thought that gluten was trying to attack me, causing an imbalance, a dis-ease. Every-time from then on that I ate gluten, it triggered the initial shock and thus created the same reaction in my body.

I learnt how Coeliac Disease was not a result of a genetic heritance, it was a result of my perception. I also learnt that, anything that you have created, you can also uncreate. All you need to do it change the attitude, belief, perception, emotion, thought that initially created the imbalance.

Take responsibility for your won choses, then you will be empowered to change. Stop victimising yourself, and create the life you want to live. Remember life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens THROUGH you



And I speak for everyone.

For everyone is vulnerable.

How can I expect

the next person to know

when he is as human as me.

How can I believe

when my words are as valid, as knowledgeable, as true.

But if we don’t make these choices.

We are constantly

stuck in a world of unknowns.

With nothing but confusion.

So where will I draw the line?

Between the uncertainty

And the ‘certain’?

I guess,

either way,

it will have to be drawn.

The Future

Is it mature to have your whole life planned out in your head or naive?

On the one hand, society regards this as mature because it shows that we can think and plan the future. Setting goals or ambitions that we can work towards and having an idea of where we are heading is a concept often associated with adults. And adults ARE mature, right?

Yet, is it naive to believe that these plans will actually be carried out? That these expectations will be met?

Setting expectations can lead to setting limitations on yourself. A mental boundary of what you can achieve or which direction you wish to head in. By having a plan in mind, we can block ourselves from other opportunities and possibilities that come up.

This may not necessarily be a bad thing. Some people are happy with the direction they are going in. For some, it may work to have a goal in mind that they want to put everything towards.

But does it hurt to be open and accepting to other possibilities? Even if, at the time, you choose not to take them because it doesn’t feel light. But purely being accepting of the fact that the possibilities are there and that that direction is open to you, should you chose it.

Imagine how much more you could have had in your life, had you just opened your mind to these possibilities?

I remember reading somewhere once (and this is probably quite well-known) that Happiness=Reality-Expectations. What expectations do you have of your life that are limiting you?

Please share your thoughts on this, I would appreciate some other perspectives 🙂

Inspiration Day 0: Apologies

Hi Friends (and whoever else happens to visit my blog and read this post). I need to apologize for the lack of posts the last few days. My great idea of a month of daily inspiration has blown over. It was fun at first, but it started to become a daily chore, and I want to blog because I enjoy it! Hopefully my blog will still be enjoyable. I am going to attempt to cook a new dish every week, and post it up on here (no promises though).

On another note, I was looking through my drawer just now and found a spiel that I wrote on a piece of paper a while back. I thought I would share:

“I believe that if everyone believed in something – it would happen. And I don’t mean just thinking “oh yeah, I’ll believe it just so that it happens”. I mean really believe it. Live it. If you believe something – it becomes the truth for you, because truth is a matter of interpretation. If everyone believed something, it would be true to everyone. And if everyone believed it, they would behave as if it were true – so what would be in existence to suggest that it is false?”


Words kept on getting thrown at me. One after another, so fast that I could see the edges of her mouth start to blur. Her red lipstick started to blend with the white of her teeth to make a warm pink colour. I recalled a vague memory of pink icing my mother used to put on my sister’s cupcakes. That was the only thing that she could ever cook well, aside from the spaghetti which stopped when the local supermarket stopped selling her favourite sauce. My father was the cook in our house, he taught me everything I know.

“And”, the lady continued, unaware that my thoughts were in a different space, “this flavour is organic. No added sugar, low GI, gluten free and healthy like the others”. I wondered how she didn’t get her words mixed up in her rush to get them out in a such a small space of time. She didn’t stop talking, convinced that she had my attention. She babbled on about how the drink was full of goodness, and that this is true because it was proved by science. She claimed that the drink could help me lose weight while giving me extra energy at the same time. She rolled off a list of vitamins and minerals that it contained, a list of organs that it would detox. And how – after all this – it had the most delicious taste.

I couldn’t absorb any of it. Every pore in my body was bubbling with information. I felt a distant ache arise somewhere in my head, but I ignored it. Probably going overtime trying to process everything. My ears started to hurt from the consistent vibrations. In fact, i think my whole head was vibrating.

Still, the lady before me didn’t stop. Useless, meaningless information poured from her lips. How she thought this was convincing – I wasn’t sure.

Of course people are going to try and tell me how to live my life – what to buy, what to eat, how to hang up my clothes for the best drying effect, what clothes to wear so that I looked well presented, which brand of jam had the least preservatives: What did I expect?

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Chinese Symbol Image conflictChinese Symbol Image conflict

Two worlds.

Two very different worlds.

One – where I once was

One – where I would like to be.


The ashamedness I experienced

– why?

for this is only being ashamed of who i aspire to be.

Is it real?


No I believe it’s a lie.


Why should I be forced to think, feel and act in this manner?

This – I cannot answer

But something stops me.

Something holds me back.

Some sort of –

Some sort of attachment.




Yes love, that’s it

But is that all?

Sorrow? Sympathy?


The power of choice overwhelms me.

Now it is up to me

My beliefs

What I have grown to know.


Which path is right?

To go against all that I have been shown?

To place faith in my colours?


©Copyright 2013 Rainbowsprout