Albert Einstein2

“You’re living under an illusion”

Is it not possible that I am just living in a different reality to you?


7 thoughts on “Reality

  1. This man is Amazing! His quotes are always a cause for deep thinking! Concerning your question, I have thought of it the first time when I saw part 1 of the Matrix movie. Yes, how can we know that what we see is reality? Could not our reality be simiar to those in the Matrix movie? These are complex questions! This is one of the reasons why I am interested in Psychiatry as my fufture specialty!

    Finally, this is a great documentary about something known as the “Multiverse”. According to this documentary, there could be other copies of me, and you, living in some place out there right now. To see how this could happen, you can watch it! It has very good 3D effects!

    1. Hi Moa’bite! Thank-you for your thoughts. I actually wrote my post then realised it looked bland and went and searched for a photo to add with it. Glad you like it – he is a genius :).
      I’ve never seen the Matrix before but I’ve heard that it was way ahead of it’s time and completely mind-blowing. Would get you thinking quite a bit :). People talk about reality as one concept that is never-changing, however I believe that everyone has a different take on his concept. No one perceives things the same – so how could we all have the same reality? And then I guess also – where does illusion fit into this? If my illusion can be another’s reality then is it really an illusion?

      I’m confusing myself :). Psychiatry would be very interesting. You must be very passionate about your studies. Thanks for the documentary. I love documentaries 🙂 Must be something to do with my nerdy side. I will have to take a look!

  2. Aye, but realities have a frustrating tendency to collide without warning…and who knows what’s real, anyways?
    Thanks for the think 🙂

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