When two worlds intersect

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks

IF we do not recognise the divine force in ourselves, it does not mean the divine force is not there. Just that we have not yet learned how to recognise it.

Russian writer Fyodor Strakhov says spirituality is not opposed to intellect.

“God, the centre of faith, is beyond our understanding, but that does not mean that we should abandon our intellect trying to understand him,’’ he says.

German physicist Georg Lichtenberg says it is questionable whether intellect, without heart, can understand God.

“The truth is that if our heart understands God, then our intellect will start to seek him.’’

Stephen Jay Gould points out in his book, Rock Of Ages, that science only attempts to document the factual nature of the natural world, whereas religion operates in a different, but equally valid realm of human purposes, meanings and values.

“To cite an old cliche, science gets the ages of…

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