Today I made a friend just by opening the door

True story. No metaphors intended.

Today I opened the door to a doorknocker (a German girl about the same age as me – travelling and working). It’s funny how things come up if you ask them too. Yesterday I was thinking that I needed someone or some people to practice my German with because I’m forgetting it all. She even told me that she wanted to travel to Phillip Island. It so happens that I visit there on a regular basis. Maybe she once asked for help getting there?

I even asked recently if I could have some spiritual guidance because I would like to explore my relationship with God. I find that there is a lot of wisdom and truth in the bible, but I’ve never known how to approach learning more. Soon after asking, a close friend of mine who regularly attends church said she would try and answer my questions for me, and we are now meeting once a week to chat. And just today, another friend (a new one this time – one that I have found blogging) has offered to guide me and answer my questions. I didn’t see any of this coming!

A friend said to me about a year ago that we are at the prime of our lives. She told me not to keep my boyfriend (at the time) because over the summer we could go out clubbing and meet other guys at uni. I’m not sure if she was completely serious about letting my boyfriend go or not, but I’ve actually found when I feel really alive, it’s not when I am doing these things.

My life over the past few months has been a complete mess. To put it bluntly. Ups and Downs. No structure what-so-ever. I could never commit to something entirely (still can’t). I have and still have direction. Or at least, I’m unaware of what direction I should be going in.

It’s only been recently that I’ve begun to accept this. And this is where I’ve started to actually LIVE. So many opportunities have come up for me lately. About 50 different jobs that I could take. Or I could take none. I’ve sprung on opportunities to meet people. Been proactive. Kept old friends. Made new friends. Opportunities to change my life around – to travel, to work, to train, to experience. And although I still don’t know where I’m headed – at least now I feel exhilarated by saving a moth that’s stuck in the bathroom and doesn’t know how to get back outside, or making friends with a stranger who knocks on my door.


12 thoughts on “Today I made a friend just by opening the door

  1. glad you made a new friend — wonderful that all you had to do was open the door. hopefully your german gets better quickly, right? maybe invite that girl to philip island? looking forward to hearing what happens next…

  2. I see you have looked at the blog. I just looked at my stats and there is 40 from Australia today alone:) You are such a blessing to me. Also, I just finished answering your email. Thank you Lord for Em.

  3. Emily thank you so much for stopping by our website and liking my most recent post. What a beauty you are, such a smile! I’m glad that you met a new friend and that you’re seeking God more now – you’re entering a wonderful time in your life and I know that there are so many beautiful things ahead of you. Keep seeking dear heart and He will surely guide the way. Please come again (and keep up with writing poetry).

    Love in Christ,
    Ma Chris

    PS Jesus is the best friend I’ve ever known, I hope you will one day be able to say the same. 🙂

    1. Hi! Thank-you for all of your kind words. I’m lost as to what to say in return. But I am grateful for your support and I look forward to reading and liking more of your posts!
      PS Maybe one day I will be able to say the same 🙂

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