Me Time

I was blessed enough to create a life. It was only a few days old when I lost it.

I know this. Not for sure. But, I know.

I spoke with Him. Through the darkness. I explained. I was not in the position to birth this life into this world.

Not then, anyway.

He listened to me. Every word. I know it.

He understood that I had made a mistake.

He listened when I asked Him to deliver the soul to where it had come.

He listened when I asked Him to return it back to me, when I was ready.

And that I would be able to take better care of it then.

I hope my child can forgive me.

But if it weren’t meant to be this way – God would not have listened.

I feel blessed my child

I hope we can meet again – one day


9 thoughts on “Me Time

      1. A number, to be honest – ethical, legal and personal renditions, at that.

        (Just stay out of the bogs, okay? :P)

      2. And songs? I think there are a few songs out there. If you happen find any of these renditions feel free to share with me. I hope you’re proud of my reference to Seamus Heaney btw. Thanks for sharing your thoughts again 🙂 Makes me feel happy

      3. Very much so 🙂
        I’ll have a think, but mostly my exposure’s been conversations or more academic-esque articles, so I’m not sure they’re what you’re after.

      4. Haha that’s fine. Just though I’d ask. I’m not really sure what I was after to be honest. Just seemed like a good idea to ask at the time. Glad you enjoyed my version though!

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