From whence I have come

There’s a hazy screen in front of me, standing like a wall. The wall is never ending – I cannot see the top, I cannot see the bottom.

I try to push through, but It won’t let my body through. Only my arms.

Hoping to grab onto something, my hands are flinging desperately. But all that I can seize are cold, stone-shaped objects. They feel like lubricated condoms and instantly fall out of my grip.

The cloud disorientates me and I lose all idea of time and space. I have no recollection of where up or down is. My left and right merge into the same concept. I’m not even sure that I have a body anymore. At least, not a perceivable one.

My senses are replaced with the feeling of confusion. My head stretches until it becomes everything I am and know. I have embodied the universe, and beyond.

All that exists is the cloud of emotions and thoughts inside of me


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