The Future

Is it mature to have your whole life planned out in your head or naive?

On the one hand, society regards this as mature because it shows that we can think and plan the future. Setting goals or ambitions that we can work towards and having an idea of where we are heading is a concept often associated with adults. And adults ARE mature, right?

Yet, is it naive to believe that these plans will actually be carried out? That these expectations will be met?

Setting expectations can lead to setting limitations on yourself. A mental boundary of what you can achieve or which direction you wish to head in. By having a plan in mind, we can block ourselves from other opportunities and possibilities that come up.

This may not necessarily be a bad thing. Some people are happy with the direction they are going in. For some, it may work to have a goal in mind that they want to put everything towards.

But does it hurt to be open and accepting to other possibilities? Even if, at the time, you choose not to take them because it doesn’t feel light. But purely being accepting of the fact that the possibilities are there and that that direction is open to you, should you chose it.

Imagine how much more you could have had in your life, had you just opened your mind to these possibilities?

I remember reading somewhere once (and this is probably quite well-known) that Happiness=Reality-Expectations. What expectations do you have of your life that are limiting you?

Please share your thoughts on this, I would appreciate some other perspectives 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Future

  1. I feel it’s presented as mature to have your life planned out, and naive to expect life to actually turn out according to your plans. And it’s this contradiction that causes so much confusion and angst amidst ‘young adults’. Because simultaneously, we are told the importance of having direction, a purpose, a goal; and that we should be taking advantage of our freedom to do whatever we like, appreciate all the opportunities that come our way. And encouraged to mock those who actually think their ‘plan’ will be fulfilled – as either naive or closed-minded.
    Maturity and naivety are, ultimately, social constructs. And looking towards the future is something that society is deeply divided about – look at politics, the advice from the people around you, international relations…
    Is it any wonder we’re so confused?

    1. Good point 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Yeah I guess it’s mature and naive at different levels. And even the terms mature and naive aren’t really the right words but I can’t think of anything better at the moment… And our perception of what is mature and naive is shaped and possibly even skewed by our society (partly) because this is where we look to be socially accepted. And so we get mixed up in this confusion that isn’t really ours. The way we act and be mature is probably different for everyone anyway coz no one is the same.

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