My Creation I: Naan Bread

As previously stated, I am setting myself a challenge to try out new recipes (Inspiration Day 0). Here is my first experimentation!

Inspired by Whyzat, I thought I would start with Naan bread. I’ve never tried making naan, and I didn’t have all of the ingredients for the recipe either (I had to substitute them with what I had), so I didn’t expect it to turn out so nice. The pieces turned out really thick, I even cut one around the circumference and made it into a roll/wrap, and used another one to make garlic bread with.  The recipe said that you can also use them as pizza bases, but they had all gone before I could even start thinking about that!

I made a peanut dipping sauce, which also turned out surprisingly good. Not as good as Indian take-away, but getting there!

Feel free to share thoughts, suggestions, questions, whatever. I’m happy to answer 🙂


Naan Bread Photos


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