Inspiration Day 0: Apologies

Hi Friends (and whoever else happens to visit my blog and read this post). I need to apologize for the lack of posts the last few days. My great idea of a month of daily inspiration has blown over. It was fun at first, but it started to become a daily chore, and I want to blog because I enjoy it! Hopefully my blog will still be enjoyable. I am going to attempt to cook a new dish every week, and post it up on here (no promises though).

On another note, I was looking through my drawer just now and found a spiel that I wrote on a piece of paper a while back. I thought I would share:

“I believe that if everyone believed in something – it would happen. And I don’t mean just thinking “oh yeah, I’ll believe it just so that it happens”. I mean really believe it. Live it. If you believe something – it becomes the truth for you, because truth is a matter of interpretation. If everyone believed something, it would be true to everyone. And if everyone believed it, they would behave as if it were true – so what would be in existence to suggest that it is false?”


One thought on “Inspiration Day 0: Apologies

  1. I think my mind just deteriorated into tok dilemmas. But what a fascinating idea 🙂

    (I guess it depends on what you define as truth, whether it is linked to some external, objective reality, or whether it is ultimately a subjective term based on belief and perception…)

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