Inspiration Day 14: Possible Dreams International Choir

A little while ago, a choir came to tour Australia. I had been hearing about them for months before they arrived. The man who made it all possible – Maithri – had come to my school to raise money with our drama teacher for the choir. I soon learnt that this choir was named ‘Voices for the Voiceless’ – singing, hoping, and dreaming for those who could not. One of my close friends had become deeply involved in the choir, volunteering her time to help with the tour. I remember hearing some other friends talking at the time, saying that bringing the choir over to Australia wasn’t going to happen. That maybe the dream was too big to be possible.


I wanted to share this piece of inspiration with my followers and point out that yes, indeed it was possible. And not only did it happen, but the tour was so inspirational that it took many hearts (including my own).

The choir all started with Maithri – a doctor who travelled to Swaziland (a country in Africa with the highest prevalence of HIV) to work. He soon discovered that music is a medicine and he begun a choir who sang of hope to those living in poverty and with HIVAIDS.

Long story short, through a lot of hard work and determination, Maithri bought this choir over to Australia to share their amazing voices, hopes, and inspiration.

There is no way that I can reproduce the feeling that this choir has gifted so many people. So instead of trying, here are some videos which can demonstrate. The first video is of the choir singing “You Raise Me Up”. A song that Josh Groban himself complemented the choir over. And the second video is a summary of the story from The Project, which can explain everything a lot better than I have so far

I hope you have the time to watch at least one of these videos, and that you find them inspirational



2 thoughts on “Inspiration Day 14: Possible Dreams International Choir

  1. Yay PDI! I still think this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of…
    Although, I find your thoughts on this utterly fascinating, as to me, the most incredible and inspiring part of the entire experience was not so much it’s actual occurrence (despite all the seemingly ‘impossible’ obstacles), but rather the work done by Maithri, and the simple existence of the choir members, despite all the enormous hardships they had experienced. And the way that, despite their truly heartbreaking histories, and the difficult lives they have had, they were all so overwhelmingly positive, and friendly. So excited, so enthusiastic, such kind and generous and positive people who – as you’ve said – were so full of hope and inspiration.
    Unfortunately, i cannot find any video footage of it, but the choir also sings ‘The Impossible Dream’ by Mitch Leigh, which I think perhaps perfectly encapsulates what Maithri, PDI and the choir have achieved: To dream the impossible dream…to reach the unreachable star.”

  2. You have a good point :). And well said too. Thanks for your thoughts :). I think I was looking for the most inspiring thing I could about them, but I probably skipped over a few things (of which you bought up). And you’re right, they were so positive about it that it was inspiring. But then again, it could just be their different lifestyle. I’ve heard about people living in dumpsters in extreme poverty who are ecstatically happy. Today I even talked to someone who worked on a private yacht and met heaps of famous, wealthy people. She said not one of them was truely happy. I wasn’t even aware that they sang that song (or that the song existed for that matter).

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