Words kept on getting thrown at me. One after another, so fast that I could see the edges of her mouth start to blur. Her red lipstick started to blend with the white of her teeth to make a warm pink colour. I recalled a vague memory of pink icing my mother used to put on my sister’s cupcakes. That was the only thing that she could ever cook well, aside from the spaghetti which stopped when the local supermarket stopped selling her favourite sauce. My father was the cook in our house, he taught me everything I know.

“And”, the lady continued, unaware that my thoughts were in a different space, “this flavour is organic. No added sugar, low GI, gluten free and healthy like the others”. I wondered how she didn’t get her words mixed up in her rush to get them out in a such a small space of time. She didn’t stop talking, convinced that she had my attention. She babbled on about how the drink was full of goodness, and that this is true because it was proved by science. She claimed that the drink could help me lose weight while giving me extra energy at the same time. She rolled off a list of vitamins and minerals that it contained, a list of organs that it would detox. And how – after all this – it had the most delicious taste.

I couldn’t absorb any of it. Every pore in my body was bubbling with information. I felt a distant ache arise somewhere in my head, but I ignored it. Probably going overtime trying to process everything. My ears started to hurt from the consistent vibrations. In fact, i think my whole head was vibrating.

Still, the lady before me didn’t stop. Useless, meaningless information poured from her lips. How she thought this was convincing – I wasn’t sure.

Of course people are going to try and tell me how to live my life – what to buy, what to eat, how to hang up my clothes for the best drying effect, what clothes to wear so that I looked well presented, which brand of jam had the least preservatives: What did I expect?

©Copyright 2013 Rainbowsprout


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