What If?

What if the good people were the ones who hurt you? Because this caused you to grow, change and become stronger?

What if it were normal to sleep outside under the stars – and abnormal to watch images and listen to voices resonate out of a box?

What if it were better for you to have nothing instead of everything? Because this way you are not encapsulated in a divine, secure, comfortable and structured world but you’re life presents challenges in which you learn and grow and live.

What if it were more beneficial to be sad – because then you are aware of what happiness is?

©Copyright 2013 Rainbowsprout


7 thoughts on “What If?

  1. What if the best people were the ones who came after? Who supported you through the hurt and helped to rebuild you, better and stronger than ever before?

    What if normality were fixed? Unaffected by the trends of the time? What if it were only right to be absorbed by the tinny output of a box, when we spend our days living in larger boxes, fixed in unvarying routines?

    What if having nothing, not everything, was the deal? What if those with plenty focused solely on giving it away, but no-one would take it? And what if those who grew from nothing to everything through hard-work and perseverance didn’t bother? What if, instead, they focused on enjoying life rather than meeting endless challenges they were ill-equipped to face?

    What if we searched for balance? What if the lows exist to help you appreciate the highs? What if happiness was a right, and not something to be earned through sufficient suffering?

    What if there are no answers? What if there are only endless, meandering, contradictory what-ifs?

    (And what if they raise as many questions as they answer?)

  2. But thoroughly inspired by the post you created, nonetheless! No, blogs and I never quite seemed to work out – and playing on yours is simply more fun!

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